The Centre for Excellence

The objective of the centre is interdisciplinary (transdisciplinary) research, development and teaching in the area of fishery and the promotion of sustainability at companies and institutions through all appropriate measures.

The Centres aims to support the teachers of PU’s involved, to education managers in the region and will provide its expertise.

In-house tasks

  • HE-didactical advice of teachers with respect to the peculiarities of transdisciplinary environmental education study programmes by supplying IT technologies, and hosting the E-Labs; 
  • Formation of an E-Labs as a building block to an international e-Network; 
  • Implementation of intensive courses for students on "Environmental Risk assessment, aquaculture, and eco-balancing" as introductory lectures to these topics; 
  • As locations or co-ordinator for technological and educational internships and field training for students; 
  • Foreign language courses for university staff

External tasks

  • Consulting enterprises on an interdisciplinary basis with the help of modern equipment;
  • Professional orientation of pupils of all school types in STEM subjects (Technology and IT); 
  • Advising the stakeholders of regional and local communities on environmental education and vocational guidance, support of teachers and students for preparation of the project applications and patents; 
  • Qualification (E-Labs, interactive webinars, video conferencing, e-learning etc)  of staff from enterprises
  • Computer-assisted implementation of diagnostics of career prospects of students and vocational aptitude of students, 
  • Data collection on requirements of the labour market with respect to the expertise of graduates and expected skills by the labour market.