The Center of Excellence for Aquaculture at Nha Trang University was established under the TUNASIA project, which is supported by the Erasmus Plus program of the  European Union (EU). The center aims to support the teachers, students and education managers in NTU via measure of communication and networking. The center also carry out short courses in relation to fisheries and environment in order to improve knowledge and practice for students and learners.

NTU Members

Phạm Quốc Hùng


Vũ Trọng Đại


Nguyễn Thị Ngân

English language

Đặng Thúy Quỳnh

English language

Ngô Thị Hoài Dương

Food technology

Lê Thị Như Phượng


Phạm Văn Hưng

Infomation Technology

Bành Thị Quyên Quyên

Biotechnology and Genetics in Aquaculture

Lê Minh Hoàng

Fish physiology

Activities in 2019

Study tour of lobster farming industry for Indonesia scientists

Activities in 2020

Study tour of lobster farming industry for Philippines scientists

► Program

Short training course on mollusk seed production

► Program

Key activities of the course include:

1. Algal culturing techniques as food

2. Selection and brood-stood cultivation

3. Spawning induction method and egg incubation techniques

4. Veliger larvae culturing techniques

5. Spat larvae culturing techniques

6. Harvesting and transportation techniques

Time: 1 week including hatchery practice and field trip to oyster farm

Venue: Center of Excellence for Aquaculture, Nha Trang University