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Project: Tuning environmental competences in Asian fishery education for sustainable development (TUNASIA)

2017- 3303 / 001- 001

Project No: 586144-2017

Project duration: 2017-2020

Funded by 

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  • Teaching and learning in ongoing education Vision and Model

Specific objectives of the project:

1. Modernizing existing BA-curricula towards sustainability by introducing new modularized thematic clusters in the field of environmental management, aquaculture, environmental impact analysis and production integrated environmental protection.

2. develop a curriculum for a new transdisciplinary Master degree programme ;Environmental Management of Fishery Enterprises;

3. implement centres of excellence for transdisciplinary env. education and vocational guidance at the PC universities

4. develop modularized distance learning courses for continuing education of employees in the fishery sector and adapt the new Master degree programme for online-teaching.

5. Network formation in local and regional educational landscapes to promote and develop fishery education, and to draw synergies form the best practice of the universities and their transnational networking for a international orientation of HE fishery education and offers for continuing education of employees in the fishery sector